Editing Your Web Copy

“Lawrence and his team immediately understood my business, my clients and what was needed to link the two. The words they have written are so crisp, clear and just perfect.”

Medhi YaghoobpourTech Entrepreneur

Your current website isn’t quite doing the job. Or perhaps you’ve written new copy for a site that just needs a polish.  Either way, editing web copy is our passion!

How we help improve your web copy

We’re more than happy to take a look and help take your work to the next level.

That often means:
– Prioritising your key messages to ensure that the important stuff appears at the top of each page.
– ‘Translating’ what you do into why it matters to your readers.
– Cutting down lengthy, complicated paragraphs into short, punchy, readable sentences.
– Integrating key words for SEO without ruining your tone.
– Simply proofing your work and giving it the green light.

We’ll make it as simple as possible for you

We’re happy to do it via a Word document or by looking at your work online (or on a test site).
We will quote for the entire project before work starts, and many edit jobs are very affordable – from as little as £195+VAT for a small site.

Editing Web Copy – next steps

Please do call us for a chat to discuss the best way forward on 020 7118 1600 or email us (attaching the script you’d like us to review if possible).  We can also offer higher-level communications advice.