Copywriting for Websites

“There’s not many companies that I’ve worked with that truly live up to what they sell/promise, I can’t fault these guys.”

Pete FullardCEO, Up Skill People

Great copywriting for websites is written from back to front.

Rather than asking what you and your business do, clients, customers and investors are won over by reading about the direct benefits to them.

Leading with benefits

This is where many sites fall flat.  By definition, most businesses are run by experts with extensive knowledge and expertise.  Many fall into the trap of trying to cram all that information into their website.  For example, we are often contacted by tech businesses who have simply used their site to list endless product features.  It’s so easy to forget that your clients first need to understand WHY you are relevant to them before being told WHAT you can do.

Relevant copywriting for websites

Like all writing, websites need to be relevant. They also need to be crisp. Less, in most case, is most definitely more.

There are so many important decision to make when you embark on writing your copy.  And they need to start by asking who’s going to be reading it.  Will you be giving the link to clients, contacts and colleagues? Or do you want the search engines to do the job for you?

Search-engine friendly copy

If you want Google to like you, you need to write in a way that Google likes. Which means conforming to algorithms and suggestions. Did you know, for example, that getting the ‘green light’ from Google requires your keywords to be located in the page title, headline and first paragraph? That’s doable, but it’s not easy to write that way without coming across as a robot.

Combining art and science

In short, copywriting for websites today is a blend of art and science. It can transform your business, but it’s entirely useless if nobody ever reads it.
A great test is whether you can write a single sentence that you’d like your audience to remember the day after they’ve read your website. If so, that’s the ultimate brief for a copywriter. And it should form the basis for all the planning, writing and editing that follows.

Helping you

We have a small team of copywriters writing web copy for businesses. We pride ourselves on translating your business into language and messaging that will appeal to your customers and clients.  That means asking you the questions your customers and clients would ask.  And writing in a way that puts them first.

Please call us on 020 7118 1600 any time. Or drop us an email and ask us to send you some questions to help prepare a really tight and helpful brief.  If you’re after more comprehensive communications consultancy, we can help you thing more strategically about your comms.


Prices depend on the size of your site and amount of work there is for us to do. We’ll charge on a project basis including all edits required. And we won’t ask you to spend a penny until the project is underway and you are pleased with our work. We’re also happy to advise on your web design, structure and messaging.